one day trip in downtown

June 18th, 2006
Went to many places today…
China town, Stanly Park, Gas town…
one day trip in downtown…
to know the real Vancouver downtown..
post cards of Gastown, Vancouver Public Library, Robson Square, and whole Vancouver
my shoes was broken when I arrived Vancouver the 15th day!!
I have a reason to buy new shoes…
actually I don’t often walk in Taiwan…
go anywhere by car or scooter..
but I have to walk everyday in Vancouver..
lazy me…
famous “Steam Clock” @ Gastown
Steam Clock
Do you see the steam on the photo??
another side of Steam Clock
Gastown is a best place for souvenirs
other photos of Gastown…
haha…because I don’t have a guide book…
so I just walk arround with Pei-Chi…
but I googled other blogers recommend…
if you r in Gastown…except Steam Clock
you have to visit Gassy Jack’s Statue, Hotel Europe, Hudson House..
hope I could visit there again one day…haha…

street snaps of Robson St.
Millennium Gate @Chinatown
it’s on Pender St.
Sam Kee Building
The Sam Kee Building, located at 8 West Pender Street in VancouverBritish Columbia, Canada, is noteworthy for being the shallowest commercial building in the world, according to Guinness Book of Records.   (by Wikipedia
Main St.
E Pender St
info for Chinatown
map of Chinatown
lunch time @ McDonald’s…
coke…chicken nuggets…salad..
Stanly Park..
Stanley Park is a 404.9 hectare (1,001 acre) urban park bordering downtown VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanada. It was opened in 1888 by David Oppenheimer in the name of Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor-General of Canada.[1]    (by Wikipedia
boats ..
nice weather and beautiful view
Park tour by carriage…
so cool.. but a little expensive
many people skate or bicycle here…
or sleep ??… haha..
maple trees…
(not sure..><)
A squirrel…
haha…it scared me..firt time to see the squirrel quite near…
and it’s not afraid of human..
it try to ask food from us…but I have nothing for it..
looks like a mouse with a long tail..
did you find the squirrel??
in the rear of “N”
where is it??
oops… guess it’s from the carriage of park tour
paintings for sale
more photos of Stanley Park is below..
nice place for picnic, sun bathing…
just lie on the grass to talk abt the future with your lover..
haha…I’m daydreaming…
anyone wanna lie here with me ???
Thanks Pei-Chi spending time w me…^_^
 a quit beautiful Park
Canada Place…
will visit it on future posts..
I feel it looks like Sydney Opera House.. haha..
Cordova St.
near Gastown
car advertising
anyone can tell me what it is??
I don’t remember…
Harbour Centre …
a tall building…
you can see the whole view on the top…
also gonna introduce it later.
finally I’m done…
a long article today..
so tired…
pls give me a “Like”… ha~

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