NorBoo Korean Restaurant on Robson st.

July 19th, 2006
love this very much..
it called in 감자탕 Korean..
transfer directly is potato pork bone soup…
the soup is super yummy…
can’t forget the taste…
and finally I tasted it in Korea last year~~
how to cook (in Chinese)~
my July classmates
my teacher, Mathrew and his Korean girl friend
Asian girls~
had a nice time there~
Norboo Korean Restaurant
1536 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 806-0369

Summer Night Market in Richmond

July 14th, 2006
went to Metrotown, and went to night market with Peichi & Kitty’s students…
they r all kitty’s students
arrived night market in Richmond
this night market only opens in the summer
arround May to Sep.
and it doesn’t need ticket.
kitty and her students
so many people
Summer Night Market
Add: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond
there is another new night market, called Richmond Night Market.
located in 8351 River Road, Richmond
but need tickets…

Summer Salsa Cruises in 2006

July 8th, 2006
dinner at Kitty’s home..
and went to Salsa Cruise with Peichi and Kitty’s students.
so beautiful…
it’s Canada Place..
it’s Lash Conditioning Serum…
I brought it from Taiwan…
and it broke, but I hadn;t finished it yet..
my favorite food, dried fruit…
found it in T&T super market…
I was so happy at that time….
car ring from host family…
so cute…
with Canada flag..
tickets of the Summer Salsa Cruises…
night views
about Salsa Cruises..
The MV Britannia is located at the foot of Denman, off Georgia Street, in Coal Harbour, and is Vancouver’s largest 3 level cruising vessel, with a capacity of just under 500, where two levels are inside and the third is just under the stars. Want your own private Salsa Cruise playing amazing Latin music, we’ll help you organize your own private event, big or small.
We offer you, an exciting taste of Latin American Culture within the beautiful waters of Vancouver, cruising gorgeous False Creek. An outstanding night filled with only the best in Music, Entertainment and Surroundings. Click here to view Salsa Cruise details.

White Rock

July 7th, 2006
Happy Friday…
after class, we went to White Rock…
with lots of classmates in Vanwest~
many people r diving there..
so cool~
Vicky(Doris), Nanae, and me
see…all the people r my classmates..
had a nice memory there..
Nicole and Kevin…
cute girl.
it’s me..
dinner time…
Mexican food..
so yummy…
I like it~
on the way home
About White Rock:

Royal City ~ New Westminster

July 3rd, 2006
I got a tangerine~
a little difference from Taiwan’s
then I went to New Westminster w Peichi…
know this place fr guide book…
but it’s nothing special here..
we just took some pics…
then went to Metrotown..
there r so many bears in Canada…
u can see them anywhere…
my auntie- Kitty told me, they change the statues every 2 or 3 years..
 Hyatt hotel
it was penguins before..

The Capilano Suspension Bridge – part two

a pond in the park
me and Peichi…
enjoy our afternoon time here…
take a rest…
I’m so lazy, don’t like walking…
souvenir store
yeah~ we finished it…
Quayside Plaza
bubble tea shop
the market next to seabus in North Vancouver
dinner time…
chicken rice and fried noodles
taking the seabus ( ferry)
back to downtown
street snaps

The Capilano Suspension Bridge – part one

July 2nd, 2006
we’re going to a famous bridge in North Vancouver
waterfront centre
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
many people are using public phone here.
Aqua Riva Restaurant and Bar
waterfront station of skytrain
on skytrain
take a ferry to North Vancouver
the view from the ferry
the ticket of Capilano Suspension Bridge
21.15 CA dollars for one person…
The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North VancouverBritish Columbia,Canada. The current bridge is 136 metres (446 ft) long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river. It is part of a private facility, with an admission fee, and draws over 800,000 visitors a year.
take too many pics here…
to be continued~~